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Venue Catering Brighouse

Venue Catering Brighouse

  Good catering by itself may not “make” your event, but it will go a long way towards doing so. Bad catering will definitely break your event, though, because people will remember it and trash-talk about it. You’re in good hands with us at The Party Venue at Russell Way, because we have put a lot of thought and effort into all the different aspects of top-notch catering.

Quality food. That is where it begins and ends, right? Pleasurable food gets noticed and appreciated; unpalatable food is rejected and detracts from the good time that everyone is supposed to be having. Plus there’s the not-so-little matter of food safety – you never want your guests to start feeling unwell two hours later!

Variety and suitability. You need your caterer to offer a wide variety of taste options that are suitable for different types of events and different sorts of guests. We offer hot and cold buffets, wedding packages, and three-course set menus, and a wide variety of possibilities within each of those. We have both stand-up and sit-down events completely covered. We have health-conscious and vegetarian options, as well as good old-fashioned fun food. Take a look at our menus and you’ll see what we mean.

buffet food Brighouse

catering food Brighouse

Flexibility. More guests than ever will be aware of their allergies, food intolerance’s, and other special culinary needs. We can help you navigate all that in planning, and our servers are also trained to handle questions on those issues and steer guests towards the most suitable offerings when a special meal has not been requested in advance.

Beverage service. We can certainly help you to plan this side of your event and to consider all the possibilities, without worrying your bank account. Drinks do demand attention, because you don’t want them becoming a runaway expense.

Visual presentation and attention to detail. If it doesn’t all look great, the battle is lost at the start. That includes the dinnerware and utensils, tablecloths, and so on, quite as much as the food itself.

Customer service. We hire great staff who know how to treat your guests the way they ought to be treated.

Set-up and clean-up. Hosts sometimes forget about these two critical functions, but we don’t – we’ve got it all factored in.

Budgetary considerations. We offer satisfying options at every price point, and we are not interested in overselling to you – we want to work with you to get the pricing right. Because on the day of and during the event, money should be completely off your mind. You deserve to have a great time at your own party, after all!

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