Booking the Perfect Party

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August 19, 2015
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Booking the Perfect Party

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Booking The Perfect Party

In order to make sure that your party goes off with a bang, there is a lot of different factors that you need to consider when booking the perfect party. Depending on who the party is for, its location, the activities you have planned and the intention of the event (aside from fun, that is), your soiree can be anywhere between a complex military drill and a casual get-together in terms of how difficult it is to organise. This short guide has been put together with the aim of getting prospective hosts to start thinking about party planning and hopefully inform them on how the perfect party can be accomplished. Fortunately, The Party Venue at Russell Way provides the perfect place for you to throw your party, but there are still a few other things you need to think about. Here are the most important things to take into account when looking at booking the perfect party:party room brighouse

  1. Activities. Activities at a party can of course vary greatly. Here we mean it in the sense of an organised game or some other kind of entertainment that all of the guests can participate in. If it’s a kid’s party then you’re faced with the task of keeping a bunch of children occupied and hopefully fairly well-behaved for an afternoon. Unless you give kids something to do by way of entertainment, they’ll find ways to entertain themselves, often with surprisingly messy or even dangerous consequences. So, plan ahead and devise fun games, art activities or a trip to somewhere like the zoo or cinema beforehand. To an extent, the same points made about children and activities can apply to adults too, so even if you’re planning a party for grown-ups it might be fun to think of some parlour games, big-kid entertainments or a stand-up comedian.

  2. Music. Music is essential for a great party and without it your event will seem dour and uninteresting. If you want to get people talking and dancing, then it’s obviously a must for you to have appropriate music. This can take the form of a professional DJ, who can be hired for reasonable rates, or you could simply cut out the middle man and hire a PA system yourself. You may want to hire a band instead – Professional musicians are of course available playing anything from klezmer music to death metal, depending on the tastes of your guests and the purpose of the event.

  3. Food and drink. If you really want your guests to rave about your party, then one of the easiest ways is to have great food. Why not chose catering with some real flair and amazing food prepared by expert chefs? Here at the Party Venue we have an extremely tasty menu including finger buffets and hot food that will have your guest’s mouths watering. Aside from culinary considerations, you will need to think about drinks. Alcohol is, of course, an enjoyable social lubricant and vital to most – if not all – adult social interactions. For this reason, you might want to even take the step of having a catered bar for your party and putting some money behind it.

  4. Venue. The Party Venue is perfect for any function that you might be thinking of. We regularly host catered weddings, christenings, and all sorts of other private functions including business and sports dinners and birthdays, so if you’re planning any of these, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our venue is available inside and out so it should also be able to accommodate any size gathering you’d like to host.

These are the ‘Big Four’ considerations to think about when booking your party, but there are of course plenty of other things to take into account. Ensure that you’ve got a good idea of the number of people you want and how late they’ll be there for. Make sure you communicate effectively with caterers and entertainers so that you’re getting exactly what you want. Crucially, you need to organise a party that allows you to enjoy yourself! Try not to get too worked up about your event. The easiest way to do that is for you to be organised and plan well ahead. If you do that, taking the points above into account, then your party should go smoothly and be fun for everyone.

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